Kafejeto - Speciality Coffee Roasters

Kafejeto - Speciality Coffee Roasters

Founded in 2014 Kafejeto cafe from very beginning aimed at spreading the culture of speciality coffee in the city of Bialystok in Poland. It quickly turned out that their passion and ambitions reach much further, so they decided to roast the coffee beans themselves. They constantly develop and strive for excellence in what they like the most. Enjoy the best coffee with them!

Szkolenie baristyczne

Professional training for certificate of Intermediate Barista Competance signed by the Kafejeto Speciality Coffee Roastery...
Price: 1,800.00 zł

Apprenticeship for Barista

Priceless source of extra knowledge and practice.
Price: 400.00 zł
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How to prepare high quality coffee

Workshop for all black coffee lovers.
Price: 150.00 zł

Latte Art Training

Hands-on experience, designed to acquire confidence when dealing with machines and other coffee related equipment....
Price: 475.00 zł


Palona dnia: 250g - 28/11/19 1kg - 28/11/19
Price: 32.00 zł


Roasted: 250g - 19/02/19 1kg - 01/03/19
Price: 34.00 zł


Palona dnia: 250g - 14/11/2019 1kg - 28/11/2019
Price: 37.00 zł


Roasted: 250g - 14/02/2019 1kg - 01/03/2019
Price: 34.00 zł

Brazylia Cerrado Mineiro

Palona dnia: 28/11/2019
Price: 28.00 zł

Kolumbia bezkofeinowa - ciemno palona

Palona dnia: 14/11/2019
Price: 31.00 zł

Gwatemala Huehuetenango - ciemno palona

Palona dnia: 250g - 06/11/2019 1 kg - 03/12/2019
Price: 33.00 zł

American Press - wyśmienita kawa w domu

Prezentacja wyjaśniająca czym jest American Press i jak go używać.
Price: 30.00 zł

Brazylia Fazenda Paraiso

Palona dnia: 31/07/2019
Price: 33.00 zł

Etiopia Hafurasa Waro

Palona dnia: 20/11/2019
Price: 50.00 zł

Aeropress - wyśmienita kawa w domu

Aeropress, fenomen wśród metod alternatywnych.
Price: 30.00 zł