How to prepare high quality coffee

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Workshop for all black coffee lovers.



During this workshop you will learn what specialty coffee is and how to distinguish good quality coffees from the commercial products. You will get acquainted with correct methods of home coffee preparation with usage of the most popular coffee brewers available on the market. During the workshop, we will compare coffees brewed in different devices, later checking their flavor.


It is a workshop designed by Krzysztof Bonda, our head barista, and instructor with plentiful of experience. He will answer all your questions about the coffee and dispel all doubts connected with it. We believe that learning should take place in a friendly environment, but at the same time, we aim at the best standards of teaching. We are strongly convinced that we can teach you to prepare coffee in a best possible way. The course is a hands-on experience, and is designed in a way to ensure you will acquire the basic knowledge about the bean quality and the most popular brewers for home usage.


You will surely try more than 40 black coffees.


During the workshop you will certainly learn Ia.:

  • what is quality in coffee

  • how coffee should not taste

  • guideline for buying quality coffee

  • how easily and correctly brew good coffee at home

  • variables you should know when brewing coffee


Our mission


We want to increase coffee awareness which the inherent feature of our work.




The alternative brewing workshop is for people who just start their coffee adventure and, for most, love to drink black coffee. If you want to learn how to properly make your beverage and know which parameters directly influence its taste, this workshop is perfect for you!


During the workshop you will learn all the basics which are necessary to start your adventure of conscious coffee preparation. You will learn what specialty coffee is and how to distinguish it from the commercial product. You will also experience both tastes in comparison. We will explain methods of roasting, talk about coffee's freshness and ways of its storage.




The course takes place in a dedicated facility located in Bialystok. We have prepared the place to conveniently conduct barista training in it. It is fully equipped with all the tools and machines necessary for conducting that type of training. Environment is friendly and facilitates learning.


You may easily find our full address in the ?contacts? section.


The course is conducted in groups of 3 to 8 people.


For those preferring to individually master their skills, we have prepared special 1on 1 offer so the instructor's attention could be focused only on you.


We can also offer the course for two people (2on1). As above, the instructor's attention is all yours. Perfect for those who know each other well, total coffee beginners, friends or cafe employees who want to improve their coffee knowledge and skills.


The training program is conducted in Polish only.




We set the dates of our courses in advance. In case of not having enough participants we reserve the right to move the date of the course for the next month.


The 1on1 and 2on1 courses are agreed individually with the participants for the most convenient date for both sides.




The workshop lasts for four hours. Our workshops usually take place on Friday from 5:00 to 9:00 P.M.




We can offer different price points depending on your preference about individual or group course.




We will teach you how to use the most popular brewers on the market such as: The American Press, V60, Aeropress.


We will have enough time to improve your technique, and work on things which cause you the most trouble.




We do not give you any certification for participating in our course since it is more of a hobby oriented type of training, but we can certainly add that skills to the full Barista Competence Certification signed by Kafejeto Specialty Coffee Roasters if you wish to further follow your barista profession.




Our instructors are true professionals and work as full time baristas. They are there to make you feel comfortable and ready to learn something new. We work with people who have perfect interpersonal skills and know how to teach you making coffee in the best possible way. Each of our baristas is very friendly and self-motivated for facing new challenges. You can be certain our baristas aim at teaching you your craft and be sure you will have fun at the same time. This workshop is conducted by our head barista and instructor Krzysztof Bonda.



It is good to develop your skills. Ask yourself those simple questions and check if you come up with clear answers for them:


  • do I really know how to recognize coffee quality according to its taste?

  • do I know how coffee should not taste?

  • do I know variables which affect coffee's flavor?

  • does coffee prepared at home tastes as it should?

  • does water I use affects coffee's flavor ?

  • do I know how to change extraction parameters to prepare better beverage?


Our workshop will answer those and many more of your questions